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All playhouses are ‘bespoke’ so alterations can be made to suit individual requirements. Be it size, change of window / door positions etc.

The Gate Lodge

An attractive play den complete with roof overhang, Georgian-style windows with flower box. 


The Crooked Playhouse

Great fun – a unique and exciting playhouse. The Crooked Playhouse comes complete with crooked door, windows and roof, and is a real feature in any garden. A gem of a playhouse.

Play house

The Crooked Playhouse (Log Style)

Great fun – The Crooked Playhouse comes complete with crooked door, windows and roof, and is a real feature in any garden. A gem of a playhouse.

Play house

The Romany Playhouse

Again a unique playhouse by Brooklyn Shed Co. This is based upon a Romany Caravan. Curved roof. Torch-on felt. Wagon spoke wheels. Apart from being a playhouse, this is an exciting feature in any garden.

Play house

Army Tower Playhouse

A young boys dream.. There own Army Watch Tower playhouse. 2 x levels. Hideout on lower level and watch tower on upper level. Ladder and balcony.

Camo play house

Hansel and Gretal Loft Cottage

Development of this design has been included into a treehouse.

Play house

The Garage Loft Playhouse

The Garage Loft Playhouse comes with its own separate garage, providing an ideal storage space. Above the garage is the loft, with a safety rail and ladder. 

Play house

Pine Lodge

The children’s very own pine log playhouse provides plenty of room inside for playing and keeping their very own possessions. Pine Lodge comes complete with authentic-style windows and flower boxes. It is clad in 19mm tongue and groove.

Play house

The Prairie Cottage

An unusual and very popular model, with an offset roof and generous headroom, The Prairie Cottage has its own internal loft, safety rails and ladder. This will fire the imagination of any child. The Prairie Cottage features Georgian-style windows with window boxes, and a split ‘stable’ type door. Out front there is a 2’6″ verandah, with a roof overhang and side rails.

Play house

Prairie Playhouse Mark 2

Based upon the very successful Prairie Playhouse & with many of the same features, this playhouse design however offers a much larger internal loft at 4’ wide and going full depth, complete with safety rails and internal ladder/handrail. Door is off-set to side giving maximum room inside to play, plenty of headroom and extra large lower window giving maximum light.

Play house

Prairie Playhouse Mark 3

Again based on above Prairie playhouses but getting bigger.

Play house

Prairie Playhouse Mark 4

Above Prairie Playhouses are examples that customers have changed and added to from the original design. All options are possible! We make ‘bespoke’ to suit you!

Galway Playhouse

Dream Playhouse

The Dream playhouse has been built in a North American style with all traditional features. This playhouse sits at over 9’ high. Features include dormer and sash style windows. Large internal loft with safety rails and steps/handrail. Large decked front with fence rails. Playhouse as shown 10’ x 10’ x 9’ high.

Play house

The School House

A large playhouse (or outdoor room), giving children and teenagers (and above!) all the space they need. For parents, when the kids have left the nest, you have the perfect studio to enjoy the peace and quiet! The unusual and eye-catching style will set off any garden. The School House is clad in 19mm tongue and groove, with a high apex roof, and plenty of attention to detail in the window shutters. You can even add more, including a loft, ladder or slide.

Garden shed

Playhouse On Stilts

This playhouse has its own ladder, verandah and safety rail.

Raised playhouse

Tulip Cottage

An original model with delightful styling, a full 2ft verandah, and stable doors finished with antique effect cast iron fixings. Windows are Georgian style with flower boxes. With the 6ft x 10ft size you have the option to add an attached rear store.

Play house

The Western Playhouse

A super playhouse with lots of room. This playhouse has a veranda at the front, with an over-hanging balcony above the front housing the internal loft (with ladder and safety rail).

Large summer house

Playhouses are not colour finished as standard

For self painting we recommend Ronseal or Cuprinol Garden Paints.